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Pediatric Therapy

O&W prides itself on attracting and building a diverse group of therapists with special skills and abilities. The company tries to match our therapist’s desires and talents to the population of patients that would benefit the most from their services. Delivering therapy services to children is unlike any other specialty area in the therapy profession and because of this O&W actively recruits professionals that have expertise and a desire to be involved in this highly rewarding area of therapy services. From the new born who is developmentally delayed to the senior in high school with autism our therapists are trained and prepared to be with those children every step of the way, providing the highest levels of therapy possible.


Currently O&W Enterprises has partnered with the Infant and Toddler Connection of Virginia to provide early intervention therapy services for children from birth to age three and two Virginia school systems where O&W provides Occupational Therapy for school aged children K1-12. In addition, Pediatric services are available at all of the companies outpatient clinics and in some cases children will have the ability to be seen in the home environment.

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