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O&W Enterprises provides therapy to patients from all walks of life, capitalizing on the unique skills of our therapists. We own and operate a state of the art outpatient therapy facility.  We understand the unique challenges and obstacles people face when going through an illness or injury. We are committed to providing comprehensive rehabilitation services that are designed to maximize the well being of our patients. Our experienced and caring therapists are focused on partnering with our patients to help them regain their health and wellness.  The road to recovery can be difficult and challenging, but with the assistance of our highly-skilled therapists, patients are on the right path to recovery.  


We are dedicated to working with patients one-on-one to restore independence and the ability to complete day-to-day activities. We will go out of our way to make each patient feel comfortable and satisfied with their therapy experience. From initial evaluation to discharge, we strive to facilitate positive results and outcomes for our patients by providing them with an individualized rehab program that is tailored to their specific needs as well as a take home exercise program that will further their progress beyond our office. We are confident that we can improve each patient’s quality of life we serve and we look forward to finding a solution to meet your therapy needs.






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