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Home Health Therapy

Providing experienced contract Home Health therapists is something that O&W has tremendous experience in. From its beginning, O&W Enterprise has maintained a core of therapists who solely provide Home Health services for agencies. Home based therapy is an extremely important part of today’s continuum of care and O&W has class leading experience and the dedicated staff to make your agency a success. Whether your agency is part of a large hospital, home health chain, or a stand-alone single agency, O&W understands the complexities of the home health segment and can partner with you to maximize your skilled reimbursement.


Because O&W Enterprises values our clients, it has incorporated some advanced home health specific tools at no cost to the agency to make the relationship that much better. O&W not only will provide agencies with exceptional staff but will also provide the agencies with access to O&W’s electronic documentation and audit system that will make doing business with O&W unlike any other company you have worked with before.


With O&W you will be able to login to our system and easily refer patients online, eliminating the need for phone calls and faxes. You will also have the ability to download our therapist’s electronic documentation from the ease of your own office without the concerns of having to rely on faxed copies of documentation or having to wait on the therapists to bring notes by your office. You can also rest assured that the documentation is compliant with JCAHO, CHAPS, CARF, HIPPA and Medicare Regulations. O&W has tools to manage 13th and 19th visit regulations, frequency monitoring and estimated visit totals. With improved auditing capabilities and inventive tools such as integrated agency collaborative OBQI questions O&W is serious about doing the job of home health therapy. O&W has invested in the delivery and management of contract therapy for the Home Health agency so that the agencies we partner with have the peace of mind that the job is done right the first time.

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